Laboratory Unit – Authenticity, Quality , Research and more..

  • Housed in 10000 sft world class design layout.
  • Investments into State-of-the-art analytical equipments establish quality at every stage. Input herb authentication, in-process testing and controls, finished goods testing , validations of production equipment are part of our professional and independent team.
  • Advanced analytical equipments
  • Team has very qualified PhD, Masters in Science, and Bachelors in science.
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Extraction Unit – Herbs, Extracts, Blending and more...

  • Occupying more than 100,000 sft, the facility is well laid out with ICH guidelines, efficiency, safety and zero pollution as primary protocols. Spacious shopfloor design is one of our key USP for keeping the product and people safe at all times.
  • Our facility has been designed by bulk drug manufacturing experts. Extreme care has been taken to build one- of- its- kind extraction plant.
  • The machinery are state-of-the-art , and all of them are stainless steel, assembled with seamless pipelines.
  • The Input capacity is more than 5MT of herbs .
  • Herbs Raw material storage space can hold more than 200 MT.
  • Facility also is equipped with direct transfer of herbs from store to processing equipments.
Medicine Manufacturing Equipment 3 Extracting Machine Medicine Manufacturing Equipment 1 Medicine Manufacturing Equipment 2

Contract Manufacturing unit – supplements as capsules, powders and liquids and more...

  • Housed in 25000 sft of climate controlled, GMP class chambers.
  • High speed capsule filling machines , accurate filling. More than 7.5 million capsules filling per day .
  • Blend capacity to do a single large batch of production.
  • Powder formulas : Uniform blending, large scale, single or multiple batches
  • Packing options: Blisters, containers, pouches .. YES! Possible.
  • Equally geared to make small runs.
labelling-machine production-corridor secondary-packing