Business Units

Laboratory Unit – Authenticity, Quality , Research and more..

Laboratory team has professionals. PhDs, Masters and Bachelors in various streams of science form our team. Stiriti has invested in to the state-of-the-art analytical equipments, like HPLC (with PDA), GC (with HS) and AAS. The in-house validated AAS methods developed for various heavy metals detections in ppb is something we are proud of. Our proprietary technologies for optimized extractions of secondary metabolites of biological and medicinal importance is our key to success.

The lab is well equipped with labware and has access to online libraries and libraries of premier Institutes in the city.

Equipped to design and execute research programs of that requires techniques of natural product and phytochemical extraction. The Laboratory’s responsibility includes:

  • To work under non-Disclosure agreement.
  • Authentication of herbs.
  • Designing of experimental protocols.
  • Extraction, Isolation and Characterization of molecules.
  • Process optimization.
  • Extensive documentary support.
  • Completed works are handed over to the customers with the all the rights as applicable.

The company has developed and standardized more than 20 extracts, completely new to the market since 2005.

Extraction Business unit – Herbs, Extracts, Blending and more...

Designed and executed by Pharamaceutical professionals and experts. Carefully and diligently planned for ICH and cGMP compliance programs. Special emphasis on safety of work force.

Optimized for simultaneous and parallel production of three products in dedicated extraction vessels.

Our loading capacity varies from pilot scale (50kgs) to 5MT of herb input. Geared to run 24 X 7, supervised completely by trained professionals from Chemical and Mechanical engineering.

  • Processing input possibility per month 150 MT.
  • Herb store in excess of 200 MT.
  • Secure and abundant water source.
  • Large scale solvents storage .

This facility has responsibilities to make our proprietary extracts and offer contract manufacturing services, monitored round-the-clock.

Contract manufacture business unit – supplements as capsules, powders and liquids and more...

  • The facility has pharmaceutical class clean rooms, designed as per cGMP requirements .
  • All GMP practices are in place and professionally managed by our own independent QA team.

We have largest capsules filling facility , with a capacity of 7.5 mn capsules per day, making it most economic large scale production.

  • Powder formulations .
  • Liquid formulations.
  • Cosmetic formulations .

We have suitable packing capabilities to cater to the large production scale.

  • Container packing, any count from 30 capsules to 220 capsules per container.
  • Blister packing from 2 capsules in a strip to 21 capsules in a single strip Complete transparency in costing and lead times.